About DUSA

Hi , my name is Hadas

I’m the owner and Chief – Visionary of Studio DUSA

I’m a proudly Vegetarian and nature lover. I’m married to the love of my life, Daniel. I like to listen to oldies from the 60’s , practice Yoga, travel and drink a good glass of wine.

DUSA is An all-inclusive, woman-owned small business in a small village in Israel (the home of the best food in the world).  

 I focus on Sustainable handmade, Eco-friendly, and conflict-free fine jewelry, wedding bands, and engagement rings.

My mission is to create future heirlooms in a socially and environmentally responsible way, which I hope will become a part of your family story.


Why the brand is called DUSA – this is my nickname, which my mom gave me, that’s what I call home today. This nickname always makes me feel at ease, it reminds me of pleasant childhood experiences, and it comes from a humorous place, which we all know is a bit lacking in our fast-paced lives. DUSA is always in my heart and reminds me of the home, family, and warmth that surrounds me there.