We are inspired by sustainable, mindful practices and are always looking for new ways, improved systems and caring initiatives to give back to this beautiful world that we are a part of.



Ever since DUSA was born, we’ve dedicated ourselves to designing modern heirloom jewelry that complements nature’s beauty and diversity. So, to share with you that we are officially One tree planted donors makes us so proud and excited for the journey we are on.

What Does it mean? we donate 1% of our yearly profit and we are planting trees around the world! one tree planted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. as an environmental charity, we’re on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees!

The heart of DUSA has always been ‘Fine jewelry made responsibly’ and becoming One tree planted donor is just the next step towards honoring these words.


We use green technology to power our studio, ensuring we also carbon off-set our couriers, whenever possible. We’re also striving to transition to use only recycled and biodegradable packaging and are thrilled to be using compostable mailers for all national shipments. All of our supplies from scrap metal to studio paper are recycled when possible.


We love working with your precious heirloom stones to help bring new life to a previously loved piece. By re-using your heirloom stones we are reducing our impact on the earth and restoring love and value to a piece that may otherwise be unworn. 


Through our closed loop recycling processes, if you have any old gold pieces that are no longer being worn, we are able to recycle for this on your behalf and issue you with a gold credit to apply to your next DUSA purchase.


Our jewelry is designed for you to wear and treasure for a lifetime. We believe that by creating durable pieces, we help encourage a quality over quantity mindset that leads to buying less and reducing our impact on the planet. 


Our pieces are all hand carved, cast and polished in TLV, and we’re proud to work with local jewelers to support the continuation of traditional jewelry techniques and skills.


All DUSA’S diamonds and are purchased from accredited Diamond suppliers and are conflict-free.  We are proud to partner with trusted suppliers that help us source local stones when possible.  All of our pieces are cast in solid Gold and Silver. We mindfully procure our metals from local refiners and recyclers of precious metal whom are also committed to re-investing in green technology and methods.