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CANDY WORLD Collection

Our planet creates truly amazing things: rainbows, fireflies, butterflies, orchids, and, an incredible variety of sparkling, fascinating, and exciting natural gems.

CANDY WORLD celebrates these candy gemstones, delving into the beauty of garnets and sapphires, emeralds, rubies and more. Set on fine recycled gold threads that simulate beautiful silk threads, these semi-precious stones seem to float like morning dew drops on autumn cobwebs.

We chose each stone not only for its color and depth, but also its shape and cut. The world of gemology is a wonderland of faces or smooth, round, oval, drop, cube… like the depth of the green color of a baguette-cut emerald compared to the dense opacity of a round-cut deep burgundy garnet. Our gems are mined in legal mines with fair employment conditions, they are environmentally friendly. It is important to us to create high quality jewelry for you for life and not harm the earth in the process.