Diamond mining is a dirty business.

Did you know that diamond mining is one of the most polluting industries in the world? Due to the large amount of soil being displaced, acid released into our ground waters and CO2 emitted into our atmosphere, mining is harming our planet at an alarming rate. Most mines are found in developing or underdeveloped countries where environmental regulations often don’t exist and human rights come too short. 

We believe there has to be a better way.

Lab - Grown is the modern way.

Our diamonds are grown in selected labs across the globe that recreate the same conditions that form diamonds underground. They are as sparkly as earth-mined diamonds, plus they are free from conflicts and grown with green energy.

That’s something we can stand behind.

How we grow diamonds:

1. Our diamonds are cultivated from a single carbon seed. Carbon is not only the building block of all known life, it is also the only component of a diamond.

2. By placing the carbon seed in an extremely hot fusion reaction, carbon atoms are slowly forming into a diamond. It takes around three weeks to fully grow a rough diamond.

3. Our lab-grown diamond is then quality-checked, cut into the desired shape and graded by certified gemologists. All diamonds above 0.3ct are laser-inscribed to certify their lab-grown origin.

4. With the aim to produce diamonds as sustainable as possible, our factory utilises the power of green tech by running fully on energy created by windmill and solar panels.

The Benefits of Lab-Grown


Responsibly grown by scientists in a highly controlled lab means that our diamonds come without the ethical issues surrounding traditional diamond mining.


Compared to mined diamonds, our lab-grown diamonds are created with the least environmental impact. They don’t pollute our water bodies or displace our soil.


Our lab-created diamonds are priced 20-30% lower than mined diamonds — savings we thankfully pass on to you.







Sustainability facts:

  • Large scale industrial mining displaces or degrades the quality of over 1.7 tonnes of earth per 1,0 diamond carat. Our lab-grown diamonds, none.
  • Our lab-grown diamonds emit 1.5 billion times less carbon per carat production than mined-diamonds, resulting in as little as zero emissions.
  • The production of our lab-grown diamonds has no significant impact on water waste, whereas mining introduces acid and chemicals into our water bodies, destroying areas for decades.